Brand Audit

Your brand version of a vehicle MOT :-)


Unhappy with your current branding or feel you just don't have a consistent (or no) brand at all?

My Brand Audit service is what I like to call a brand MOT. I assess where your brand is at and provide you with a full report and where you can go (or should go) from there.


The Brand Audit

and what this involves...

A brand audit is a having a thorough examination of your brand's current position in the market compared to its competitors and includes a review of its effectiveness. It helps you determine the strength of your brand together with its weaknesses. I will suggest opportunities for improvement and new developments be it to do yourself or for a designer (hmm...where could you find one of those?!...) to take on.

We can either arrange this over Skye, FaceTime, over a brew if local, email or a phone call. Whatever form of communication is easiest for you! I will deeply look into your brand's visuals, fonts, colours and how you are overall 'styling' and presenting your brand, along with it's competitors. At the end of the process I will produce a Brand Audit report including an action plan. In this report will be expertly written advice on everything you are doing in the right way and in the wrong way. This will enable you to understand whether you’re communicating effectively and which areas need improvement.

How long does the Brand Audit take?

Once you have booked in, you will receive your Brand Audit report within 48 hours.


How much does the Brand Audit cost?

£120. This includes the initial consultation and the full Brand Audit report provided to you via email.


Please note: This is not a full re-brand but for an audit on your current branding

Thank You! I will be in touch very shortly